We have a wide array of massage treatments available. Please browse through our massages below and contact us to make an appointment.

Swedish Massage
$45.00 – 30 minutes
$55.00 – 45 minutes
$65.00 – 60 minutes
$80.00 – 90 minutes

Sport Massage
$75.00 – A slightly more aggressive massage incorporating stretching along with deep tissue work

Deep-tissue Massage
$80.00 – Deep tissue massage is another more aggressive type of massage focusing in on other muscles

Therapeutic  Massage
$80.00 – Our therapeutic massage combines our Swedish massage with some deep tissue work. It’s the perfect combination to release those tougher knots and help relax the tension away.

Hot Stones
$95.00 – 75 minutes
$105.00 – 90 minutes

Our traditional hour Swedish massage accompanied by a soothing stone treatment

Prenatal Massage
$55.00 – 30 minutes
$75.00 – 60 minutes

A relaxing escape from the stress and tension accompanying pregnancy (physician’s note required for our soon to be mothers)

Additional Massage Treatments
$10.00 – hand massage
$20.00 – foot massage

Either by itself or as an add-on to one of our massages, these treatments will melt your stress away.